A New Kind of Wireless

This simple three-verse script is the brainchild of my final assessment for the Future Writers’ Lab. It was selected to be performed at the opening night of the DMA Writers’ Crawl 2016.


(Illustration by Lydia Rae.)

A New Kind of Wireless_main image

A New Kind of Wireless


Remember the days when you used to jive?
Multi-instrumental sounds brought the dance hall alive.
Foxtrot was your hip hop — you liked the beat faster,
dancin’ gracefully — you met your rolex datejust herren 36mm 116243cdj silberton life partner.
A shared passion for sounds you both declared,
and the greatest love affair began right there.


Time tick tocked and so naturally,
you let the beat drop with your young family.
Piano with the kids filled the house with joy,
cups of coffee over jazz — another blissful noise.
When the kids got older and spent less time at home,
peacefully you’d sit around the gramophone.


Fast forward many years and not a lot has changed,
diversity in music still excites your brain.
There’s nothing better than deep, rich, sound,
you’re just a little slower getting up to get down.
And yeah there’s no denying that classical is timeless,
it’s just that it’s time for a new kind of wireless.

During my last session at the lab, I had one and a half hours to pick a brand, research their products, and craft christian dior 717774 1 for men an ad. I was drawn towards Sonos and wrote this poem for the older generation.


It was intended to be the backbone of a short brand film, involving an intimate piece to camera, delivered by a spoken word artist with urban flair.