Summer Lights

Research showed Macmillan Cancer Support’s audience love hosting laidback events at home, so when briefed with a new nationwide fundraiser we launched Summer Lights — an opportunity to host a simple gathering to raise money with the people who light up your life.


After our first recruitment mailing, 25 times more sv rolex day date 118208 mens 36mm automatic people signed up to the event compared to the previous year.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_recruitment letter

To bring to life Macmillan’s mantra ‘no one should face cancer alone’ we built our campaign around four website link unifying words: we shine brighter together.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_folder and letter

Hosts were encouraged to write uplifting messages on the lanterns in their fundraising kits.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_packshot

When the day arrived 115,000 lanterns lit up homes across the nation, even Harry Style’s Mum got involved.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_social posts

We followed up with gentle reminders.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_thank you and reminder

Here’s what our Facebook filter would have looked like if it ran.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_Facebook filter