Summer Lights

Macmillan Cancer Support wanted to launch a new nationwide fundraiser. Research showed our audience love having friends and family round for a get-together, so we gave them the opportunity to throw a gathering for a good cause.


Summer Lights called on hosts to shine together, with the people who light up their lives, to raise money. We drummed up support through recruitment mailings, and 25 times more people signed up than the event the previous year.   

Macmillan_Summer Lights_recruitment letter

Macmillan’s mantra is ‘no one should face cancer alone’. To bring this to life and inspire solidarity, we built our campaign around four unifying words: we shine brighter together.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_folder and letter

Hosts received a fundraising kit including a game and pack of lanterns. We encouraged guests to write uplifting messages on the lanterns before they illuminated their homes.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_packshot

When the day arrived 115,000 lanterns lit up homes across the nation.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_social posts

Gentle reminders were sent out asking hosts for their donations.

Macmillan_Summer Lights_thank you and reminder

We proposed creating a Facebook filter to raise awareness online.  

Macmillan_Summer Lights_Facebook filter