In With Independent

SilkFred is an online retailer that connects people with ‘unique fashion from the best independent brands’ — their customers search beyond the high street for their fashion fix.


When tasked with showing how we’d strengthen brand loyalty, as part of a prospective brief, we arrived at ‘in with independent’. The idea being: we reward customers’ dedication to unique fashion by getting them closer to the designers than ever before.

Secret Studio

We’d attach Google Cardboard to the packaging of customer orders. This could be torn off and used as a virtual reality behind the scenes experience of a designer’s studio.

Silk Fred_Secret Studio_main image

Rag Race

Each week we’d showcase a SilkFred designer through a live city-based fashion hunt. People gain clues to the designer’s secret location though connecting on Periscope or Facebook Live. The first few trend-seekers to find the designer would get their hands on an original creation.

Silk Fred_Rag Race_main image