When we see heartbreaking scenes of Syria in the news, we feel powerless. We want to help, but don’t know how to make a difference in the most complex crisis of our time.


CanDo Action supports local humanitarian organisations in war-torn communities, by connecting human-centred health projects to global support via crowdfunding. (Like Kickstarter but for humanitarian causes.)


To show people it’s possible to do something, I set out to connect CanDo’s community with inspiring stories of resilience, resourcefulness and hope.

When we heard about the newborn twins who were saved at Hope Hospital, when they arrived one month early, we knew their story was powerful. 


The Independent Doctors Association (IDA) captured footage, and I edited the script and provided creative direction (remotely), to craft the narrative of this social-first video.


To cast our net wide for support, we linked to the video in a blog post and spread the word on social and email.


We needed a steady flow of content as IDA campaigned to keep the world’s first crowdfunded hospital open.


IDA captured imagery on the ground, and I told the story behind it on social.


Leading with stats was unavoidable at times, but whenever we had a human story to share we’d share it.

Human stories_tweet
Human Stories_social examples

I wrote A Year of Hope to remind CanDo’s community about Hope Hospital in the build-up to the launch of IDA’s crowdfunding campaign.

Human Stories_A Year of Hope_blog article

If you’re interested to know why I joined a bold startup with a pioneering approach to humanitarian aid, watch this TED talk from CanDo’s founder.