Creative Creatures

I have a history of crafting lighthearted spoken word pieces, so I was invited to speak at my friends’ wedding. The couple have many creative talents, and guests were invited to dress as their animal alter ego at the elaborate wedding after party, so I based their love story on two creative creatures.


(Illustration by Lydia Rae.)

Creative Creatures illustration

Creative Creatures


This is the love story of two Creative Creatures.

Both are excellent climbers with the most captivating features.

One has soft, deep brown fur, superb shoulders, and a feminine purr,

it’s easy to identify the male, he has wider paws, and is quite a lot more pale.


So what d’you suppose makes them such compatible mates?

Well for a start you can’t accuse either of being a light-weight.

Each shares the same artistic flair, nocturnal habits, and willingness to dare,

they also love to party in the woods, hang out with naughty badgers, and get up to no good.


Now every story of the heart must start with a kiss.

And I’m sure it’s not a huge surprise to discover this,

unlike most creatures who date in fields, under willow trees, or at the tops of hills,

this pair took it a notch higher, they first locked lips in the desert, nearby a blazin’ fire.


So as the tale of their romance unravels,

you could dedicate at least fifty chapters to their travels.

Canada, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, they like to get about, their list goes on and on,

Creative Creatures always have a plan, they thrive off new adventures, to exciting distant lands.


As time passed they realised that their love’s forever.

And naturally the day arrive to build a den together.

An opportunity to be normal? Not a chance — they totally played it cool,

a banana burrow built with love, complete with indoor tree house, and babbling brook hot tub.


Now here comes quite an important thing,

the presentation of the most delightful ring.

On a big adventure with some family, one Creative Creature, got down on his knee,

and before the other had even took a breath, she squeaked out her reply, of course she answered ‘yes!’


Adventures, a den, a ring — so what comes next?

Well this part of their story has not been written yet.

So while we are all gathered here today, to celebrate a wedding, in a truly spectacular way,

let’s wish our woodland friends the best from life — the Creative Creatures team of dreams — now a husband and a wife!

Creative Creatures_wedding recital